Voedseltribunaal I

This is the first part of a series of posts about a debate I visited some while ago about urban food production. The debate’s guiding question was: how do we go about feeding our ever growing cities in, preferably, sustainable manner? The purpose of these posts is to synthesize the presented ideas and the discussion […]

Open 3D urban data – CityGML

tl;dr I made a map of the buildings contained in Rotterdam’s 3D open urban data model. Open Urban Data The recent Dutch push for open data lead by Hack de Overheid (HdO) has brought many interesting data sets out in the open. Over the last couple of years HdO successfully promoted the open data idea […]

FOSS as an education paradigm

One of my teachers is using open-source (GIS) software and libraries to teach his courses. Last week he asked me to write a short piece on the benefits of using open-source software in a teaching environment as opposed to proprietary solutions. He is following a teaching class and needs student testimonials that ‘justify’ his choice. […]